Hello, I'm David

Currently, I am working as a media relations consultant for Keep Contact. I'm also a freelance photographer.

Before occupying this position, I wrote product reviews and informations for Miss Numérique.

I also did an internship at Inria Nancy - Grand Est, where I designed some stuff that can be seen on this gallery.

Few words about my studies ? I have a bachelor in Information & Communication, from the University of Lorraine (Nancy, France), so I am supposed to be able to communicate.
I like taking pictures. I am able to handle a lot of "photography situations", such as weddings, photo reports, portraits and packshots.
I took pictures for Inria, the University of Lorraine, RHA Audio and Incathlab.
Feel free to check my professional and personnal work on my portfolio.

I am a nice guy and I am motivated to reach my goals.
I learned some HTML and CSS stuff, which allow me to build some websites such as the Consulate of Finland in Nancy, my portfolio, the new website of Keep Contact etc.
I can also design and create visuals with Adobe softwares like InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.
You can find me on many social networks and I know how to use them correctly.
I'm really interested in how different communication channels, specifically visual, influence and reach people and how to improve those channels.

I like traveling and I want to see a lot of places.
I am fluent in English, I learned German and I know some words Finnish and Chinese.

I have a cat, I like burgers and I listen a lot of music.

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